Scholarships for Europeans Exchange Students of 2021 Fall

Application conditions:

1.2021Fall: 2021/09-2022/01

2.Studying in a UK or Hungary University (Bachelor / Master / Ph.D.) 

2.Participated in two (6-hour) basic courses and one (3-hour) intensive Chinese course every week, during the exchange.

3.At least one minimum course belongs to your own College.

Scholarships for Europeans Exchange Students of 2021 Fall include

1.Subsidy for round-trip flight tickets GBP 1,750

    (TWD 70,000; 1 GBP≒TWD 40)

2.Tuition waive

   Dormitory fee waive

   Mandarin course fee waive

3. Free eco-tourism

Quota Limitation: 5. (on a first come first served basis)

If your students would like to apply for our scholarships, please kindly let us know before the end of 2021 March (or as soon as possible). We will then guild you to the following steps of applications.

Contact us:

2021春季交換計畫暫停通知 Notice of suspension of the 2021 Spring exchange program


Due to the impact of the epidemic, Taiwan has not yet opened short-term exchange students to study in Taiwan. In order not to affect your time arrangement, we regret to announce the suspension of the exchange program for the 2021 Spring. we welcome you to choose to postpone to 2021 Fall. We will open the nomination and application for the 2021 Fall exchange from March 1st to April 15th,2021. We wish you and your loved ones Happy Holidays and a Year 2021 filled with joy and good health. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write to us, thank you!