➤ Before Arrival in Taiwan

 Online System for New International Students

Please complete the personal information before the deadline

  • Online Registration
    account: student ID number
    password: YYYY.MM.DD (your birthday)
  • Online Course Selection System
    account: student ID number
    password: YYYY.MM.DD (your birthday)

    (For example, if your birth date is 1998/06/20, your password would be 1998.06.20.)

For more information: Course Selection Process

 Guidebooks for International Degree Students

 Resident Visa

After getting NDHU’s Letter of Admission, please apply for a Resident Visa in advance to arrival even if you are from a visa-free country. It is required to apply for your Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) after arriving in Taiwan. Otherwise, you may need to leave the country or go through other formalities to apply for your ARC.

1. Required Documents

  • Visa Application form
  • Two 2-inch photos taken in the last six months (paste on application form)
  • Original and photocopy of passport (with blank visa pages and at least six months validity)
  • Original and photocopy of NDHU’s Letter of Admission
  • Original and photocopy of Health Certificate for Residence Application
  • Other supportive documents or official certificates required by the authority

2. Application Fee

For visa application fees, please refer to Standard Fees for R.O.C. (Taiwan) Visas in Foreign Passports (pdf file).

 Health Certificate For Residence Application

Health Certificate for Residence Application is a required document for applying Resident Visa and also Alien Resident Certificate(ARC).
Please remember to bring along this certificate and it has to be authenticated by Taiwanese Embassy.

 Degree Verification

You are required to show your verified diploma and transcript during NDHU’s Registration Days. Please note that you will not be able to complete the registration procedure during Registration Days unless you present all the verified documents.

Foreign Degree Verification

You should have all foreign diplomas and transcripts verified by Taiwan Embassies /Missions in the country of the institution and show them on Registration Days. If the transcripts and diplomas (or graduation certificates) are not in Chinese or English, please verify the original documents and the translation of the documents before you arrive in Taiwan.

Mainland Chinese Degree Verification

Verification procedure for mainland Chinese diplomas is different from the General Degree Verification. For more information, please refer to “ Verification Procedure for Mainland Chinese Academic Qualifications ”.

Hong Kong and Macao Degree Verification

Verification procedure for Hong Kong and Macao diplomas is different from the General Degree Verification. For more information please refer to “ Regulations Governing the Examination and Recognition of Educational Qualifications from Hong Kong and Macao”

 International Student Volunteer

OIA will assign you an NDHU student volunteers. The student volunteers can help you with both academic and practical matters at school, such as the online course selection system procedures, offline registration and so on.

 International Student Facebook Group

We welcome new international students to join our Facebook group. You can find important announcements and activities in this group. It also functions as a community for international students to connect, share, and engage with one another.


➤ After Arrival in Taiwan

 Offline Registration Procedure

You should print out the following documents and organize the document order before offline registration day.

 Online Application for Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

The Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) serves as the ID card that proves your resident status in Taiwan. It is a very important document and we advise you to take good care of it and pay attention to its expiration time.

International students who have entered Taiwan with a Resident Visa or obtained Resident Visa through visa change in Taiwan, are required to apply for Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) through the online application system within 15 days after arrival or issue date of Resident Visa within Taiwan respectively.

According to National Immigration Agency, international students must apply through the Online Application System (Starting from August 1, 2021).

Important: Your application status should be chosen “First-time ARC application (accepted by a school but not yet enrolled)” because you haven’t finished OFFLINE registration yet.

For instruction manual

NOTE: If you have any questions regarding the Online Application System, please contact NIA customer service center: 02-2796-7162.

 Proof of Accommodation

Proof of Accommodation is one of important documents to apply for Alien Resident Certificate (ARC).

Staying in campus dormitory

If you are staying campus dormitory, please follow the instruction to download the payment sheet which is shown dormitory fee.

Link: https://school.bot.com.tw/newTwbank/StudentLogin.aspx

Instruction Manual:

(1) Log in

ID number: Your student ID + 0 (For example, if your student id is 410112345, your password would be 4101123450.)

Student ID: Your student ID

Birth Date: 0880306 (If your birthday is 88.03.06)

𖤐 Note: We use ROC Calendar in official document. If your birth year is 1997, in ROC calendar, your birth year will be 86.

𖤐 Exchange Formula: 1997-1911=86 ( in ROC Calendar)

(2) Click “查詢 Inquiry ” > Click “產生繳費收據(PDF檔) Create payment receipt (PDF file)”

(3) Check the dormitory fee in PDF file

Find Key word in the list  “住宿費(可貸) Dormitory Fee”

(4) Upload payment receipt (PDF file) to ARC system


Renting an apartment out of NDHU campus

Students who rent an apartment out of campus, please provide “Renting Contract” which is indicated landlord’s and your information on ARC system.

 Medical Health Insurance

Upon enrollment, international students are required to submit proof of insurance covering their medical expenses during the six-month period after arrival and before joining the “National Health Insurance (NHI)”. The private health certificate of foreign countries should be verified by Taiwan Oversea Representative Office.  

We suggest new students to use Taiwanese medical insurance. If there are any accidents or you are seeing doctors, you have to pay full amount by yourself first. But, you could apply for the refund from insurance company.

The medical health insurance fee: NT$3,000 for 6 months. (starting from offline registration day)

 NDHU Campus Dormitory

NDHU provides limited number of dormitories for students. They distinguish between dormitory for undergraduate and graduate students. Dormitory for undergraduate students offers quad rooms with own bathroom. Dormitory for graduate students offers single room with shared bathroom. Each person has his/her own desk (a mattress is not provided) and closet. In the ground floor there is also TV room and refrigerator. Each room is equipped with phone for calling within the campus. There are few water reservoirs and many washing machines and driers in each dormitory. Exchange students are usually accommodated in dormitory for undergraduate students.

Refer to  Campus Accommodation Fee

Student Living Division Website: https://rb005.ndhu.edu.tw/p/412-1005-489.php

If you have any questions about campus dormitory, please feel free to contact Student Living Division.

There are also  accommodation available in private sector close to the campus. Prices vary depending on the quality and location but certainly price is higher than for accommodation provided by university.

 Tuition fee and credit fee

Please refer to the link by Registry Division: https://aa.ndhu.edu.tw/p/404-1004-175369-1.php?Lang=zh-tw

futher info for tuition fee website: https://rb033.ndhu.edu.tw/


Meal at university dorm cafeterias approximately costs NT$ 9,000/month. The cost of off-campus might exceed NT$ 9,000. There are 3 convenient stores in the campus that provides 10 % discount for students. Here are samples of price food:

  • Lunch Box NT$ 90-100
  • Vegetarian Lunch Box NT$ 90-100