After complete the application procedure of suspension, termination, transfer or graduation from Registry Division, student status will be disqualified. As regulation from National Immigration Agency, student has to leave Taiwan within 10 days.

Q: What is the application eligibility of NDHU scholarship?


1. Newly admitted students: Newly admitted International Students who followed the proper application procedures for International Students and are officially enrolled at NDHU. Scholarships will be awarded to students with outstanding performances after a review of their application documents and academic achievements.

2. Currently enrolled students:

     (1) Students who have been enrolled for at least one semester of full-time study, have successfully completed their courses, and have no record of serious infractions (reprimand, minor demerit, major demerit, detention or expulsion from school).

     (2) Students who are working on their PhD or Master’s thesis and have not signed up for any courses in the precious semester can submit their thesis proposal along with their application during the application period. The thesis proposal should contain the research motivation and objectives, the research structure and design, the data sources and collection methods, the thesis outline, and a bibliography.

3. Recipients of scholarships from the Taiwanese government or other Taiwanese government related agencies are not eligible to apply.

4. Students should have no record of infractions more serious than reprimands.

Q: Does tuition waiver of NDHU scholarship include only tuition fees?

A: Tuition waiver for bachelor students includes both “Tuition fees and Miscellaneous fees.” Tuition waiver for master and doctoral students includes both “Tuition fees and Credit fees.” The fees are charged according to the latest university announcements. Tuition waiver does not include other related expenses such as proxy fees, insurance charges, and Internet usage fees.

Q: Will I receive the stipend of NDHU scholarship in the beginning of the semester?

A: Stipend is granted for the first semester from September to January and the second semester from February to June. The grant is deposited directly into the recipient’s local bank or postal account by the Office of International Affairs on a monthly basis (stipend scholarship recipients receive NTD $4,000 ~ $6,000 stipend monthly) for the awarded semester.

Q: What is the re-issuance eligibility of NDHU scholarship?

A: NDHU scholarship is awarded on a semester basis. Enrolled students have to resubmit applications every semester based on their eligibility criteria before the given deadline. The maximum number of semesters for a student to receive scholarships is as follows: eight semesters for undergraduate students, four semesters for graduate students, six semesters for PhD candidates. Students who have already received the maximum amount based on the above criteria are not eligible to apply for NDHU scholarships.

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Emergency Phone Number in Taiwan
➤Police: 110
➤Fire Department: 119
➤Ambulance: 119
Major Medical Hospitals near Hualien City and NDHU
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➤Zhong-Zheng Clinic: 03-866-1000
➤Zhi-Xue Clinic: 03-866-1197

Q: Which scholarships International students can apply?

A: NDHU and several institutes provide scholarship for future and current international students to apply. For example, NDHU scholarship, Taiwan Scholarship, Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) Scholarship, Vest 500 Scholarship, Mekong 1000 ScholarshipIndonesia-Taiwan Dikti Scholarship, Southern Sunshine Scholarship, etc. To see if you are qualified and application procedure, please click here: Financial Aid.

A: PhD or Master students can apply for single room or co-rooming with others. Undergraduate students need to share the room. The dorm is semi-furnished including table, chair, bed and almari with internet and electrical connection. A common TV hall is located at the center of the dorm buildings. A refrigerator, washing machine and dryer are provided for each dorm building. For more details please refer the link for details Dormitory.

A: We provide shuttle bus back and forth NDHU and Hualien city (including Hualien Train Station, and supermarkets.)

A: 20-30 minutes ride to Hualien City from Shoufeng county.

A: NDHU offers many courses and programs delivered in English. Please visit this webpage for more information. NDHU Advantage

A: Exclusively for International students who are and to be studying here, this website provides valuable information about learning and living in Taiwan.

A: National Dong Hwa University offers two Chinese language courses, one basic and the other advanced in the following semester.

A: Yes, you can apply for TA/RA jobs depending on availability of jobs in respective departments. Please follow the link Financial Aid.

A: Yes, there are part-time work in campus. However, you need to apply for work permit and have studied at least one semester in order to work on-campus.

A: International Student Office of NDHU will inform you of NDHU scholarship. As for the Taiwan Scholarship, applicants have to give interview in your country at Taiwan Embassy. The Taiwan Scholarship committee will evaluate your application.

A: In addition to academic programs taught in Chinese, National Dong Hwa University offer International Programs taught in English. For more information, please see Program Information.

A: The interested student can apply online For more details, please refer above link.

A: International Student Office will keep contact with students and inform applicants of admission status.

A: Any certificate or statement to show your English or Chinese proficiency is acceptable.

A: To apply for Chinese-taught Programs, International students should pass test of Proficiency-Huayu, TOP, Intermediate 3 or HSK Level 3, or obtain other equivalent certificates; to apply for English-taught Programs, a minimum TOEFL score of 500 or other equivalent tests is required.

A: International Student Office of NDHU will inform you of NDHU scholarship. As for the Taiwan Scholarship, applicants have to give interview in your country at Taiwan Embassy. The Taiwan Scholarship committee will evaluate your application.