Greeting from National Dong Hwa University,
Please see 2019 Spring Semester handbook which includes Information of before, during and after arriving Taiwan, registration, visa, course selection, etc. OIA has arranged NDHU students to be the volunteer who will contact and assist you in the middle of January. Welcome to contact departments for course information.

Required documents (Handbook on page 10)
2. Registration:

Important Dates (Handbook on page 4)
02/12-02/13 Dormitory opening
02/15 International Student Orientation, Registration at OIA
02/18 Beginning of 2019 Spring Semester
02/21 Immigration Agency on Campus Service:
02/22 NDHU Library Lecture

The campus-accommodation for international new students will be opened from 02/12-02/13. NDHU will apply the campus-accommodation for you, so that you do not need to apply and register for it. Apply for changing room from Dormitory, Student Living Service Division, Student Affairs after semester starts if you need. Registry Division, Office of Academic Affairs will set up the student ID number in the end of January. Since OIA get it, will inform volunteer and you by e-mail.

Your registration status will be valid after you make the full-payment of tuition, miscellaneous, accommodation, dormitory deposit, medical insurance, networking facility fees etc. (Handbook on page 18)

Please fill out the “Arrival Information” before 01/23 in order that OIA can arrange a group of volunterrs, dormitory and arrival preparation to assist you before arriving to NDHU campus. To confirm your “Admission” and “Arrival Information”, please register online and upload the scan of your flight ticket information:

The following website as a reference:
1. National Dong Hwa University
2. Academics
3. Office of International Affairs
Welcome to join NDHU family.
Jenny Hsu
Office of International Affairs
Tel. 03-8905117
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