Scholarships for Europeans Exchange Students of 2021 Fall

Scholarships for Fall 2021 include

1.Subsidy for round-trip flight tickets

2.Tuition waive

   Dormitory fee waive

   Chinese Language course fee waive

3. Free eco-tourism

Quota Limitation: 5. (on a first come first served basis)

If your students would like to apply for our scholarships, please kindly let us know before the end of March (or as soon as possible). We will then guild you to the following steps of applications.

Application conditions:

1.Studying in a UK University (Bachelor / Master / Ph.D.) 

2.Participated in two (6-hour) basic courses and one (3-hour) intensive Chinese course every week, during the exchange.

3.Choose at least one course of exchange college, during the exchange.

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