Dear all, on October 18, 2018 OIA held “Meeting with OIA.”

Here’s the answers to the questions which have been raided from some international students.


  1. The requirement credits of graduation for PhD in College of Management is too much, is it possible to make some adjustment?

[DBA & Graduate Institute of Logistics Management]: The opinion will be sent to the doctoral committee.


  1. Can College of Management provide the hiring information of TA/ RA for International Students?

[MSF]: The class of 107-1 “Business Communication” hires international students as TA; Also, there are some teachers using their program hiring international students as their RA.

[DBA & Graduate Institute of Logistics Management]:

1.The class of 107-1 “Human Resource Management” hires international students as TA

2.Department will encourage teachers to recruit foreign students as teaching assistants.

3.There are more and more international students in our department which come from different countries. Currently, it is a trial to employ present international students to guide the new international students to provide customized services from registration, course selection and adapting to campus life.

[DIB]: The semester of 107-1 allocated RA scholarship to M.S. foreign students under second year.

[DP]: The class of 107-1 “Finance and Digital Finance Case” and “Fund Management” hire international students as TA.

[DTRL]: The class of 107-1 “Tourism Summary” hires international students as TA.


  1. I didn’t receive the information of Elite Scholarship Program from OIA.

[OIA IRA]: According to the reply from Ministry of Education, we expect there will be the result announcement in around the beginning of November. OIA will inform the results to all applicant once we have latest news.


  1. The internet connection of Dormitory JIE YUIN is very unstable, and I did not receive any reply after filling in suggestions for improvement.

[LIC]: After checking the internet connection of Dormitory JIE YUIN, we confirm that all the WIFI system operates normally. If student have any problem with the internet connection, please directly contact with Network Management Division.


  1. Is it possible that the NDHU Scholarship release before new semesters start?

[OIA IRA]: In order to consider all GPA uploading deadline for teachers, and according to the NDHU Scholarship regulations, NDHU have to confirm all the applicants are registered which is the necessary criteria, we are afraid that the application is not able to start the application in advance.


  1. The information of the English website of NDHU is insufficient compares to the Chinese one which we always need other Chinese student to translate in English to find the information we need.

[LIC]: NDHU official website link the important information to the related departments’ English website. Please provide more details of which information and department do not have English website, LIC will remind the relevant departments to improve this problem.


  1. Please improve the English sso-portal which is not complete enough. For example, after logging in the portal and try to connect to the library website, but we need to do the log-in again.


  1. The system provides the single-sign-on function for the sso website is with the sso picture.
  2. We’ve already asked the relevant departments to contact the contractor to amend the system for which has been detected to be failed.


Ellen Li
International Scholar and Student Affairs Division (ISSA)