According to the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC)’s announcement,
Taiwan now imposes entry restrictions and quarantine regulations on non-R.O.C. nationals,
effective from 00:00 am (local time at the airport of departure) on January 1, 2021.

Based on the CECC’s instructions, the Ministry of Education (MOE) now suspends entry applications of overseas degree students.

OIA will notify you about the next steps via email by January 31st.
(On January 31th, If MOE still suspends entry applications of overseas degree students, OIA will inform students to apply for retaining for spring semester, 2021.)

We appreciate your understanding and patience.


Step 1 Apply your VISA

Please fill in the survey (Survey for Overseas freshmen on Entering Taiwan on 2021 Spring semester) of your personal information BEFORE JANUARY 22, 12 pm (Taiwan Time). This survey is for the approval of visa application at your side, please make sure all information are filled out correctly.

NDHU will report your personal information which you filled in the survey to MOE on Jan. 13 and Jan. 20 respectively. After NDHU obtains the Official Document of approval from MOE, NDHU will email the notice to you for applying visa.

Step 2
Flight Booking

Your flight should be scheduled at least 3 weeks after you complete document submission to NDHU (Step 3) and within the following acceptable arrival date. Please make sure your flight can be changed to avoid possible insufficient quarantine hotel availability. (e.g.,  2/17 complete document submission to NDHU, your flight has to be after 3/11)

NDHU’s acceptable arrival date:
phase 1: Feb. 18-Feb. 19
phase 2: Feb. 25-Feb. 26
phase 3: Mar. 3-Mar. 4
phase 4: Mar.10-Mar. 11 & Mar. 15

Step 3
Submit Documents to NDHU

Once you obtained your Visa and Flight ticket, fill and submit all required information via the google form (Survey for International Students (Freshmen) on Entering Taiwan).

Please cooperate with the deadline to submit documents to NDHU:
(e.g.,  if you intend to arrival on Feb. 18, you must submit documents no later than Jan. 31)
phase 1:  no later than Jan. 31
phase 2:  no later than Feb. 17
phase 3: no later than Feb. 23
phase 4: no later than Mar.2

After collecting your information, NDHU will accordingly report to MOE and then email students the final notice to inform if you are able to come as scheduled or not.

Step 4
Received “Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate” & “NDHU Official Letter”

It takes 10 working days to apply for your Entry Permit.

Note: You must have the “Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate” to enter Taiwan. Failure to present the Certificate will result in being sent back to your country.

 ***Fall-Winter COVID-19 prevention program: all travelers coming to Taiwan and transit passengers are required to provide a certificate of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test result issued within three days prior to boarding the flight to Taiwan.
***Travelers arriving in Taiwan from England must undergo 14-day period of quarantine at group quarantine facility