Dear Overseas Chinese Students,


Please find the following information about ‘‘Scholarship for

Outstanding Overseas Chinese Graduate Students.’’


1. Application Criteria:

(1) Outstanding overseas Chinese students studying at an

NDHU graduate institute pursuant to the ‘‘Regulations

Regarding Study and Counseling Assistance for

Overseas Chinese Students in Taiwan’’


(2) Has completed studying for at least 1 semester

(including students directly admitted to doctoral programs)


(3) Taking at least 6 credits per semester,

and the average academic and conduct grades of

the previous semester shall be 80 or above


(4) Overseas Chinese students shall not be eligible to

apply for this scholarship, if they already receive tuition subsidies,

exemptions, or scholarships from the Taiwan government


2. Awarding Amount and Period:

NTD 10,000/ month, from February to July, 2021

(graduating students, from February to June, 2021)


3. Application Documents:

Please use a stapler to fasten the documents

and submit them in the following order.

(1) Application Form (required), Study plan (required),

Autobiography (required), Letter of Recommendation (optional) (as attached)

(2) Original copy of academic transcript of the 2020 Fall Semester

(including class ranking; you may provide a screenshot

of you class ranking on E-Portfolio page)

(3) Relevant service certificates issued within one year (optional)


4. Application Date:

9 am〜12 pm, 1 pm〜5 pm,

February 23〜February 24, 2021

Please submit the application documents to

Office of International Affairs within the application period.

Application submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. 



Elvia Wang


International Admissions Division

Office of International Affairs