Dear Students,
Greetings from the OIA.
The Scholarship results for the 2021 Spring Semester will be released
by 14:00, April 13, 2021.
Regarding the Scholarship results, please log in to the following link
with your application ID and password.
【For Scholarship Recipient 
Congratulations! Please note that:
1. The NDHU Scholarship for international students consists of the following three different types.
Type A:
100% Tuition Waiver + Stipend NTD 30,000/ semester (Master/Ph.D.)
100% Tuition Waiver + Stipend NTD 20,000/ semester (Bachelor)
Type B:100% Tuition Waiver
Type C:50%
2. If you are the NDHU Type A Scholarship recipient, regarding the Stipend issue, OIA will send you an email today, please kindly check it.
3. For the Scholarship Recipient, if you have paid the tuition fee, the fee will be refunded to you soon.
4. The duration of the NDHU scholarship is one semester.
Should you have further inquiries, please contact us. Thank you.