On May 19, the CECC announced that in response to the recent surge in the number of indigenous COVID-19 cases, it will raise its epidemic warning to Level 3 nationwide from May 19 to May 28; the public is urged to continue to abide by and cooperate with Level 3 epidemic prevention and control measures.

The CECC emphasized that it would adopt related responsive measures listed below under the nationwide epidemic alert.

  1. Epidemic prevention standards are consistent across Taiwan, and related containment efforts performed by city and county governments will be coordinated and synchronized.
  2. The CECC will invite all city and county governments to join a national epidemic prevention meeting every day.
  3. The CECC will continue to increase the number of testing sites, quarantine
    hotels, group quarantine facilities, and designated and respondi
  4. ng hospitals to ensure sufficient medical capacities across Taiwan and will provide resources to ensure the needs of city and county governments are met. The public is urged not to panic.