The results of the NDHU Scholarship are approved by the NDHU Scholarship Committee and the president of NDHU.

According to the Regulations of the NDHU Scholarship, the tuition waiver should include the tuition fee and credits fee.

To check on the result, please visit the following link and log in with your application ID and password.

Types of Scholarships

【Type A】
Undergraduate: Tuition Waiver 100% + 20,000 NTD/semester
Ph.D & Master: Tuition Waiver 100% + 30,000 NTD/semester

【Type B & C】
Type B: Tuition Waiver 100%
Type C: Tuition Waiver 50%


For Type A Awardees, please expect our Email, Title: 【OIA】NDHU Scholarship Awardee  Information – 2022 Spring Semester.

For Type A, B & C Awardees, the tuition and the miscellaneous refunding process will start to be processed on April 8th, which the business days would be 3-4 weeks.


According to “National Dong Hwa University International Student Scholarship Regulations” – Article 4, you are ineligible for the scholarship, if you:

    • Have any records of serious infractions (reprimand, minor demerit, major demerit, detention or expulsion from school).
    • Have not completed the school enrollment: (1.) pay the tuition fee (full/installment) at the cashier office, and (2.) finish the online registration here.

Your scholarship will be withdrawn or cancelled if you fail to meet the eligibility requirements before April 11th, 2022.

Please visit the following link for the complete NDHU Scholarship Regulation.