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① 日語課(90分鐘×20次)

② 特別講義或日語會話(90分鐘×5次)

◎課程費用:20,000 JPY



1.填寫google 表單向國際處報名,同時繳交以下文件:

Google form:https://forms.gle/WmHWBvNoCszJfmY28

  • 在學證明
  • Excel推薦表(請依照欲報名課程,於分頁中填寫個人資訊)
  1. 透過姊妹校報名系統報名





  • 詳細資訊請參考:http://www.liaison.nagasaki-u.ac.jp/en/?page_id=108994
  • 此為線上授課,請同學忽略網頁中住宿資訊。
  • 申請資料中包括護照,是爲了確認申請同學姓名,如果同學沒有護照則免繳交。
  • 課程時間與本校開學時間重疊,請同學報名前審慎評估是否能全程參與。
  • 姊妹校預計於12/23公告錄取結果,並通知繳費資訊。


English version


◎Period: February 6-17, 2023


  • Japanese Language Class (20 units)
  • Special Lecture s / Japanese Conversation Class (5 units)


◎Registration Deadline: until December 20, 2022(Japan Time)

◎Registration Procedure:

1.Sign up via google form and upload below documents to OIA.

Google form:https://forms.gle/WmHWBvNoCszJfmY28

  • Student Status Certificate
  • Nomination Sheet 2022 (fill in your info in different pages based on the courses)

2.Complete the online application form for Partner Uni.




  • More info:http://www.liaison.nagasaki-u.ac.jp/en/?page_id=108994
  • This is an online program, please ignore the info on accommodation on the website.
  • Required documents included a copy of passport for double checking your name, if you don’t have a passport, then you can skip it.
  • The period of this program is overlapping with NDHU 2023 spring semester, please be sure you can participate before applying.
  • Nagasaki University is scheduled to announce the result and payment info around December 23.