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  • 申請資格:

1.      預計於2023年秋季就讀北海道大學碩士、博士學位之本校學生或校友,且於就讀時無領取其他獎助學金者。

2.      班排名前25%。

  • 名額:1名
  • 申請方式:請於2022/12/12中午12時前備妥申請文件繳交至本校國際處國合組。
  • 詳細資訊請參考下方檔案。
  • 註:若申請人數超過1人,國際處將依照申請資料進行審查後推薦名單。

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  • Eligibility Requirements

1. Applicants must be current or alumni students of universities that have concluded Inter-University Exchange Agreements and a Memorandum of Understanding on Student Exchange with Hokkaido University. Students who are already enrolled at Hokkaido University can not apply for this fellowship. Applicants must be self-supporting, without other scholarships or fellowships when enrolling in Hokkaido University.

2. Applicants must possess a GPA that is in the top 25% of their class or an equivalent level at their home university (Applicants who possess equivalent GPA levels must be certified by the president of their home university).

  • Quota:1 student
  • How to apply:Please hand in the required documents to OIA by 12:00 pm on Monday, December 12, 2022
  • Remark: OIA will select one student based on the documents if more than one applicants.


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