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◎名額:3名 (以報名順序錄取)

◎報名時間: 即日起至名額用罄或12/25為止


1.填寫google 表單向國際處報名,同時繳交以下文件:

Google form:https://forms.gle/WmHWBvNoCszJfmY28

  • 在學證明

2. 國際處以信件通知錄取者後續申請程序。



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◎Period:March-Juan 2023, every Tuesday at 14.30-16.00 (Western Indonesian Times, GMT+7)



◎Quota:3 Students (According to registration order)

◎Registration Deadline: First come first in till out of qor till 25 December, 2022

◎Registration Procedure:

1.Sign up via google form and upload below documents to OIA.

Google form:https://forms.gle/WmHWBvNoCszJfmY28

  • Student Status Certificate

2.OIA will send a letter to those students who get the recommendation for the further application procedure.