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◎地點: San Francisco State University



§ 每週 15 小時的課堂教學 + 每週 8 小時的短途旅行和文化活動

§ 參觀博物館的入場費

§ 矽谷一日遊含交通

§ 舊金山灣遊船

§ 所有實地考察的遊覽領導

§ 無限制的舊金山公共交通 (MUNI) 月票

§ 每週 SF 州教師講座融入課程

§ SF State Conversation Partners 每天上課

§ 為團體提供額外收費的機場接機服務

◎報名時間: 即日起至4/15


*填寫google 表單向國際處報名 https://forms.gle/WmHWBvNoCszJfmY28


* 在學證明

*家長同意書    (下載範本Form:海外短期交流家長同意書)


The O.I.A will register to the school , and have any update we will  announced to everyone.

English version


◎Location:San Francisco State University

◎Program Fees include
§ 15 hours a week of classroom instruction + 8 hours per week of excursions and cultural events
§ Entrance Fees for visits to museums
§ Silicon Valley one-day trip including transportation
§ San Francisco Bay cruise
§ Excursion leaders on all site visits
§ An unlimited monthly San Francisco public transportation (MUNI) pass
§ Weekly SF State faculty lectures integrated into lessons
§ SF State Conversation Partners joining lessons daily
§ Airport pick-ups available for groups for additional fee


◎Registration Deadline:until April 15th , 2023

  • How to register:

◎ Fill out the google form to register with the International Office,  https://forms.gle/WmHWBvNoCszJfmY28     

and submit the following documents at the same time.

*Student Status Certificate

*Parental Consent Letter  (Form:Parental Consent Letter)

The O.I.A.  will register at the school and we will provide an update to everyone.