Following last year’s free sustainability forum held in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei, National Dong Hwa University (NDHU) will once again organize a free sustainability forum and a market event in North Tobacco Factory, Taipei’s Songshan Cultural and Creative Park on November 18, 2023 (Saturday). We have four sessions with seven speakers, each sharing Dong Hwa’s commitment to sustainable development and local achievements. We also invite Dong Hwa alumni, current students, and other partners who support plastic-free to join this small-scale sustainability market.

We sincerely welcome those interested in sustainability issues and university social responsibility (USR), as well as those who want to know more about the colleges and departments of NDHU. If you’re thinking of visiting and reconnecting with your long-lost Dong Hwa family, please come and experience “From University to Infinity -Sustainable Practices in NDHU” However, please remember to bring your eco-friendly cup, utensils, or shopping bags with you. We appreciate your efforts for the earth.

For detailed information about this event, please visit the following link:


  • Admission to the event is free.
  • Due to limited space, we kindly ask you to register for the lectures in advance. Please register using this link ➡
  • Tea and vegetarian snacks will be available on-site. Please bring your own eco-friendly cup, utensils, and shopping bags. If you bring your shopping bag to the “5wayhouse” booth at the market, you can earn discounts. Disposable utensils will not be used, and bottled drinking water will not be provided at the event.
  • To ensure the safety of the historical building, smoking (including e-cigarettes) is strictly prohibited indoors and outdoors at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
  • Sustainability lecture sessions are conducted in Chinese. Thank you very much.

議程 Schedule



Sustainability Achievements, Future Goals, and Upcoming Actions at National Dong Hwa University

Vice President Hui-Mi Hsu, National Dong Hwa University




Sustainable Living: Introduction to Biodiversity in Hualien

Associate Professor Yi-Ju Yang, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, National Dong Hwa University




Preserving Historical Records and Recollecting Local Memories: A Case Study of the Takasago (Porter Soldier)

Distinguished Professor Hurng-Jyuhn Wang, Department of Public Administration, National Dong Hwa University




In Hualien, Good Neighbors for the Common Good: USR Project in NDHU

Professor Yu-Chun Ku, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, Director of the Social Participation Center, National Dong Hwa University






Carbon Sinks, Carbon Credits, and Carbon Reduction in Daily Life: The Green Influence of NDHU

CEO Edison Wang, Leadership

Professor Tony Chieh-Tse Hou, Department of Finance, National Dong Hwa University

Professor Shih-Chieh Chang, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Ecology and Sustainability, National Dong Hwa University