According to the NDHU International Student Scholarship Regulations Article 2: “The home college of scholarship applicant will conduct a preliminary review and make a list of recommended candidates; the list of candidates shall be submitted to the NDHU Overseas Recruitment Committee for final review subject to approval by the NDHU president.”
Therefore, all results were carefully reviewed by the committee members of the department, college, and school; if you have any problems or suggestions, it is suggested to consult with your departmental office or college office.

In addition, According to the NDHU International Student Scholarship Regulations Article 8 Item 2: “Where one of the following conditions applies, the University may request that scholarship recipients complete a Mandarin course in the respective semester to stimulate interactions with local faculty members and students (a) Students are enrolled in programs taught in Mandarin and don’t hold TOCFL Level 3 or equivalent proficiency certificates. (b) Students are enrolled in programs taught in English and have not successfully completed two Mandarin courses or don’t hold TOCFL Level 1 or equivalent proficiency certificates. Where students fail to meet the aforementioned requirements, scholarship contents may be adjusted by review units as deemed appropriate.”
In this review, our committee observed that some applicants did not follow the above regulations. We would like to remind you to carefully consider your plan for taking Mandarin courses. In the future, the NDHU committee will conduct a thorough review of applicants’ history of Mandarin courses. If we identify instances where applicants have failed to adhere to the regulations, adjustments may be made to their scholarship.

The Fall 2023 NDHU Scholarship Result is announced on the scholarship application system on 11/5 at 8 am.
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Type A awardees:
◈ 100% Tuition Waiver + Stipend NTD 30,000/ semester (Graduates)
◈ 100% Tuition Waiver + Stipend NTD 20,000/ semester (Undergraduates)

Type B and C awardees:

◈ Type B: 100% Tuition Waiver
◈ Type C: 50% Tuition Waiver


“獲獎生如符合下列情形,本校得要求學生於當學期修習一門華語課程,以增進與本地師生的交流。(一) 中文授課學生無 TOCFL Level 3 或同等能力證明者。(二) 英文授課學生未修滿 2 門華語課程及格者,或無 TOCFL Level 1 或同等能力證明者。如未滿足上述要求,審查單位可於審查中調整該生獲獎內容。”

112學年度第1學期東華獎學金審查結果於 11月 15 日上午 8 點在獎學金申請系統網站上公佈。

Type A獲獎者:
◈ 100% 學費減免 + 助學金 NTD 30,000/學期(研究所)
◈ 100% 學費減免 + 助學金 NTD 20,000/學期(學士班)

Type B和 Type C獲獎者:

◈ B 類:100% 學雜費減免
◈ C 類:50% 學雜費減免

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