OIA Work Report Summary: Response to the 0403 Earthquake

Following the earthquake on April 3, the Office of International Affairs (OIA) at National Dong Hwa University undertook several crucial initiatives to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, particularly those from overseas. Here is a summary of the key actions taken and their outcomes:

1. Launch of the Student Care and Safety Reporting System:
The OIA rapidly disseminated 31 urgent messages through various platforms, including the OIA website, Facebook Page, and the overseas students’ association platforms, from April 3 to April 9. These communications successfully reached 1,251 individuals through email, messaging, and social media comments.

2. Accommodation Assistance for Off-Campus International Students:
In response to housing safety concerns post-earthquake, affected international students living off-campus were relocated to on-campus dormitories. As of April 12, six students are still temporarily accommodated in the dormitories. Currently, there are 533 international students residing in on-campus housing, with 31 in Dormitory III (涵星).

3. President Communications:
A short video titled “Message from President Hsu” was released on YouTube in both Chinese and English, offering reassurance during this stressful period. Student feedback indicates that these communications had a calming and comforting effect. Furthermore, on April 8th, President Hsu convened a meeting with Mr. Iqbal Shoffan Shofwan, the Indonesian Representative, and members of the Indonesian Students Association to discuss the safety and needs of Indonesian students, ensuring that their concerns were addressed promptly.

4. Document Recovery Assistance:
The OIA coordinated with multiple government agencies including the National Immigration Agency, the Zhixue Police Station, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the National Health Insurance Administration. This collaboration facilitated the issuance of proof of document loss due to the fire for 10 students on April 10, enabling them to quickly and safely process their necessary documents.

5. Information Dissemination:
All important announcements and updates have been consistently posted on the OIA website. This ensures that information reaches both current and prospective students, including overseas Chinese and foreign students. Additionally, the OIA has assisted the Macau Alumni Association in contacting alumni to confirm the status of donations.

6. Disaster Damage Assessment:
With support from the Office of General Affairs, the OIA organized a comprehensive investigation into the disaster damage. Reports on earthquake impacts, including damage images and property losses, have been compiled and assessed.

These actions demonstrate National Dong Hwa University’s commitment to the safety, security, and support of our international community during crises. We continue to monitor the situation closely and will take further actions as needed to assist our students and faculty.

OIA Work Report Summary Response To The 0403 Earthquake