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◎時間:2024.7.2 – 2024.7.26





1.填寫google 表單向國際處報名,同時繳交以下文件:

Google form:https://forms.gle/WmHWBvNoCszJfmY28

  1. 自行到姐妹校網頁報名 KU INTERNATIONAL SUMMER PROGRAM APPLICATION,國際處會同時協助提名給主辦單位確保同學享有優惠價格。
  2. 等待姐妹校的通知


2024  KU ISS Overview

ISP 2024 Brochure


  1. 國際處僅公告或協助本校學生報名參加簽約校的短期活動或課程,其短期課程是否可抵免本校學分,參加學生需遵照教務處相關規定辦理。若活動日期為本校學期上課期間,學生須依照本校規定自行辦理請假手續。

English version

◎Period:2024.7.2 – 2024.7.26

◎Location:Konkuk University, Korea

◎Fee:2,300,000 KRW (partner fee)

◎Registration Deadline:2024.5.30

1.Sign up via google form and upload below documents to OIA.

Google form:https://forms.gle/WmHWBvNoCszJfmY28

2. Complete application at KU INTERNATIONAL SUMMER PROGRAM APPLICATION, the OIA will simultaneously assist in the nomination process to ensure our students enjoy the benefits of partner fee.

3. Await the announcement from Konkuk University.

For further information, please visit their website.

2024  KU ISS Overview

ISP 2024 Brochure

Please note:

The OIA only announces or assists our school’s students in registering for short-term activities or courses offered by contracted schools. Whether credits from these short-term courses can be transferred to our school is subject to the regulations of the Academic Affairs Office, and participating students must comply accordingly. If the activity falls within our school’s academic semester, students must follow our school’s regulations to apply for leave of absence.