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【Int'l】 2019 Spring NDHU Scholarship Application For Registered Students

Dear NDHU International Students,


The application period for 2019 Spring NDHU Scholarship is from 2019/02/18-03/01.

The application system link:
(The system will be available and open after 2019/02/17.)


1. According to the regulations and the policy of NDHU, please be noted that you should pay the NHI fee, Group Insurance fee, and one third of tuition fee and credit fee which is according to Taiwan local students charging standard before 3/1, to be qualified as a NDHU student. Or your NDHU scholarship of this upcoming semester, if any, may effect your scholarship result or be CANCELED.

2. Please prepare the required documents and optional documents (if any) as follows:

Required Documents:Transcript for All Semesters
Optional Documents:
◎Recommendation letter from your academic advisor or supervising professor
◎Thesis/Dissertation proposal (required for applicant that has obtained all the required credits and is writing a master thesis or Ph. D. dissertation)
◎Proof of awards/ Certificate of extracurricular activities
◎Published papers
◎Other helpful materials

3. Students shall take full responsibility for the documents what they provided during the application.



Deadline of the application: March 1st, 2019
Result announced: middle of March 2019 or end of March, 2019.


If you have further questions, please let us know.
Our email: 




Office of International Affair