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◎時間:第一梯次 2023.7.31~2023.8.10

第二梯次 2023.8.21~2023.8.31


◎費用:JPY 15000 約新臺幣3500





1.填寫google 表單向國際處報名,同時繳交以下文件:

Google form:https://forms.gle/WmHWBvNoCszJfmY28

  1. 透過姊妹校報名系統完成報名(請參見附檔1)

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Program A 2023.7.31~2023.8.1

Program B 2023.8.21~2023.8.31

◎Location:Nihon Pharmaceutical University

◎Fee:JPY 15000 (About NTD3500)

Above charge is only for tuition (pay by cash at your arrival in NPU), not include anything else.

Airfares, traffics, stays, insurances and meals are all at your own expenses.

◎Quota: Ten students

◎Registration Deadline:Until 2023.5.30

1.Sign up via google form and upload below documents to OIA.

Google form:https://forms.gle/WmHWBvNoCszJfmY28

2.Complete the online application form for Partner Uni. (Please find an attachment 1)

2023 NPU In Person Summer Program

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